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category: Performance

Web Performance

By admin on Wed Sep 09 2020

Akamai found that 2 second delay in web page load time increase bounce rates by 103 percent A 400 ms imporvement in performance resulted in a 9% traffic at Yahoo! 100ms improvement in performance results in 1% increase in overall revenue at Amazon 53% of users will leave a mobile site if it takes more […]


By admin on Fri May 15 2020

RESPONSE : Paint in less than 100 milliseconds. An action for example is to click on a button to trigger paint. ANIMATION: Each frame completes in less than 16 ms. Example is smooth scroll or drag. IDLE: Use idle time to proactively schedule job. Complete the job in 50ms chunks ( as user might interact […]

Measuring time

By admin on Thu May 07 2020

When we think of measuring the time taken by a process, we might be tempted to use something like this in Javascript. In modern browser, we have Instead of depending on the date object which return us a time stamp in UNIX format ( since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 ), performance API, which returns […]